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07 May
Doing Business...Under a New Normal

As we continue to closely monitor COVID-19, we also continue to keep our facility in full production with heightened restrictions, specific safety measures and physical distancing in place (following all Government guidelines, plus a one week lag bringing more back to work) . We have been fortunate enough to quickly adapt to these new measures, and are proud to announce that we are "business as usual" or at least a new normal of "business as usual".


We had several trade shows, conferences, client travel and client meetings put on hold for the time being. We have put site visits to IMM on hold as well. While this is in the best interest for our employees, our clients and the general public, we cannot wait until we get to meet face to face with our clients again.?


With these changes, or "shifts" in the way we conduct business, we have found that we can indeed still successfully complete a project of any type for our clients. We are still the transparent company we have always been, even with site restrictions. We enjoy discussing your project needs with you, and we enjoy finding a solution for you.?


We want you to know that our team is working hard behind the scenes to get your project up and running in a timely manner. We still hold the same expectations as we did pre?COVID-19?with the way we complete our work, the quality of our work, and customer service that stands behind it.?


We want you to know that we are open for business, and we mostly certainly appreciate your business.


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